Christmas Cheer: 5 Christmas Comedy Moments

Christmas was never dull in the Trotter household.
Christmas was never dull in the Trotter household.

Picture the scene. The presents are open, you’re stuffed full of turkey, the after eight mints and boxes of chocolates are on their twentieth lap around the living room. Half the room is asleep, and you’ve just switched the television on. Chances are you’re going to want some Christmas cheer of the comedic variety, so to get you in the mood here’s my top five fantastic festive comedy clips to keep you amused!

5. The Royale Family (1999) – No Turkey next year!

This is possibly Caroline Ahearne’s comedy at its very best. They’ve just finished the turkey, and Barbara (Sue Johnson) wants opinions on the dinner she’s just served up… I don’t think they’ll be having turkey again next year…

4. Nan’s Christmas Carol (2009) – The Ghost of Christmas Past

Catherine Tate’s twist on Charles Dickens’ famous Christmas novel is hilarious throughout, but none so much as when Nan meets the Ghost of Christmas Past. Whilst most scrooges accept this promise, Nan asks the ghost for ID before she lets him in, and let’s just say this ghost is out of practice. Comedy gold!

3. The Vicar of Dibley (1999) – The Nativity

OK – you need to watch the whole episode for this (it is on BBC1 Christmas Eve if you’ve not seen it yet), and this clip just touches on the pure genius this episode touches on. A real life nativity, around a real farmyard, with a real pregnant Alice, a narrating and ‘angelic’ vicar and David playing Herod… what could possibly go wrong?!

2. Morecambe & Wise (1971) – Andre Previn

Despite being over forty years old these clips are just as funny today and the Christmas specials these two comedy geniuses produced are still the stuff of legend. This classic clip is when Andre Previn joined the pair, conducting Eric Morcambe on the piano with the symphony orchestra in the background. In Eric’s defence he plays all the right notes…

1. Only Fools & Horses (1996) – Batman & Robin

This clip needs virtually no introduction. Del and Rodney’s van breaks down on the way to a fancy dress party, so they decide to ‘run’ there to avoid being seen. Meanwhile Councillor Murray is about to be mugged… Absolutely hilarious!


What are your favourite Christmas comedy moments? Let us know in the comments below…