Being Healthy in December

December may not be the warmest month, but it can still be lots of fun!
Don’t have a December downfall!

The season is here, social diaries are being filled, chocolates are on permanent offer in the supermarkets and the turkey (amongst other things) has been ordered. If you are trying to be healthy then December can be full of pitfalls – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips to having a great, healthy party season.

Make use of the calendar

One of the biggest problems December can have is blind-siding people into thinking the whole month is one big party. This can make you think negatively and what the point is in carrying on. If you get a calendar and mark on where potential ‘unhealthy’ meals might be you will find that there aren’t that many events at all. Also you can then see what are just evenings or lunches.

Plan around your events

Once the dates have been marked on the calendar use this to your advantage and plan around them. Of course you don’t have to, but if you’re reading this the assumption is you are trying to stay healthy and minimise the Christmas gain come January 1st. What does planning around look like? It might be having something light at lunch in preparation of a meal out in the evening. Or it could simply be planning some vegetable laden meals around evenings out to ensure the damage of other evenings are cancelled out.

Get some exercise

Exercise is for life, not just for Christmas. Going to the gym might not appeal to everyone, but taking a bike ride, a walk or any form of exercise for a few times a week at any time of year has great benefits and December is no exception, especially if you are stressed out with all the shopping and events. So whether it’s going for a swim or post-dinner walk, don’t let the weather or the cold put you off of getting in some exercise during the festive month.

Drink plenty of water

This is another all year round tip – but it is particularly important at this time of year. If you are rushing around or having lots of evenings out where the wine and other alcoholic beverages are in full flow this is particularly important as it will improve your hydration. The recommendation is to drink 2 litres of water a day, or 8 glasses but the truth is that this varies from person to person. If you engage in exercise or have eaten a lot of fatty food, or even sweat a lot then drinking more water has massive benefits as it helps flush the body. Whilst you shouldn’t drink an excessive amount (I’m talking litres upon litres here!)¬†2 litres should be the aim to keep yourself hydrated and healthy throughout the day.

Have fun!

The final and most important thing about December and being healthy is to have fun! December can be the best month with everyone being full of fun and cheer. If you feel deprived of fun then you’re more likely to be facing an uphill battle come January – and if fun is having that mince pie, or that glass of wine then so be it.¬†Just remember – everything in moderation – and have a great December!!